October 15

Best Digital Marketing Tools 2021 to Grow Business: 19 analytics, automation, reporting apps


When you become aware and get excited about the digital marketing tools, you'll notice marketing technology transforms the business to the best place it ever had before.

And the opportunity for the business is limitless today. 

+Because you can now gain access to it. Grow your business, brand, and bottom-line profit at the surest possible time just using some crucial tolls. 

In this lesson, you'll learn some crucial steps and strategic approaches to make your marketing dance and grow your business without an overwhelming job whatsoever.

Best Tools For Digital Marketing

When it comes to talking about digital marketing, some terms like SEO, PPC, SMM, Email marketing come automatically. 

And they all interestingly require tools to plan, understand, execute, test, and find the winner to accelerate your business success. 

And the good news is; those tools will naturally empower your marketing and make it super-effective to grow fast.

google digital marketing tools

Google Search Console

This tool provides valuable information about how well your website is performing, how google crawls your site, and finds opportunities for SEO success.

You can link your webmaster account with your analytics and AdWords account. To see how well your paid and organic search terms rank and what search terms you are ranking. 

There are so many advantages packed with the Search console itself. And most importantly, enhance Website search appearance, monitor link reports, know the Google index, crawl your website, etc.

In short, it's good for both SEO and Google Adword paid advertising to understand the campaign's health and improve from there.

Google Trends

Successful marketing always starts from research. The more you know about the audience, the better you can help them, which automatically fuels your marketing, branding, and business at the same time.

And the beauty of Google Trends is to give you the marketing demographics, current searches, which one is getting profitable, and where to pay attention without costing you a single penny. 

It's insanely easy to use and shows you the big picture.

So many experts are using it for generating content ideas people are interested in, as it helps you understand hot topics people are searching for and talking about now.

Google Keyword Planner

Google created this tool for finding the right keywords for the google advertising campaign. 

Which is naturally used by marketers to find their user-searched keywords to improve the website rank on search engines. 

It is not only designed for search engine success, but it is also really powerful for Google Search Campaign, display ads, youtube, ads, and anything Google runs for advertising.

The audit-proof SEO strategy or PPC almost always starts from keywords research. It knows in advance the audience demands. And delivers them what they want and what they need.

And keyword planner gives you the list of terms and words that your user's audience, subject, client and prospect are looking for in every way.

Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is designed to suggest better content to produce and deliver for your audience. Because whatever you do or not, you need content for marketing. And the better message or content you have, the further you can think and grow your business.

And the unique beauty of the buzz sumo, it'll provide you the customer insights, influence information, and competitors current conditions based on your topic. It is crucial to know what people are talking about, and this software gathers information from the internet in one place. Show you the exact mind mad and suggest you the exact way to create content to resonate with your customers.


If you have ever think about the doing versatile wrok usins one single tolls then ahrefs would be the best friend on your priorotize list.  WHy?

Because ahref alone give much better understanding over your current marketing campaign. and it leads you  to do the  beautiful resuarch,  

get complete traffice estimates, scan the backlink and how they growing.

Thats not alll you also ablie to check how many click eveyr keywords is getting, Analize SERP history, discover content frrequency, and watch ranking histor.

Plus keep track the out bound links, get keyword rank notification and research and analyze backlinks at the same time. Doest it beauttiful know them all for better mdigital amarketing and smart branding?

Digital marketing tools for Social Media

Facebook Audience Insights

As you know the power of facebook its trnaforming day after day. iT ALMOST EVERYONE use or has facebook acount to connect with the facebokk to sthare there stories, thought, belive abd anything feel sright. ANd the beuty of the facebokk its aloow you to run your business within the shortest effort and budget every kind. 

You can use Facebook to interact with customers from any of your smart devices. And the brktheorugh tools facebook instally inside theri marketing technolgy is the Facebook inasights. 

Which will show everything what happening inside your page, how audience are reacting, which post ad or insformation audience accpeting more. You can think okay I understnad, which means face book insight hass it all to grow your pages your business and brand at the same time. And you are entirely right. And if your managinf or runnning or pushing your smalll buinesss harder lets use the face it all.


Did you eber think about to get you social media works done ins a systemized, automated, and prodcutive manner?

You get rigth! Using Hoostsuite its all posssible taoday to Draft, Clanderize, and publish you content on demand using almost any popular socaila media you can caount today.

Its good for enterprise, medium busines, agency perople or large business any kind wiout wating your time, killing your productibity, ro using multiple social media.

Remember this: you may not have the etinsive amount of time to go every social media, login them, and share your post. Because having Hosstsuit under your belt mens you have complete freedom to control socxcail using one toll to simplify your business and life.


Do you know phostop, issutarator, or and similar design toll  to get your marketing design done? If yest you are welmocome. But not veryt entreprenuer marketer know the professional design.

Where canva revulationaize everything on demand. It's built to design anything you want as a professional element, whether its marketing, LOgo, Brochure, ICons, Templated, Portfolio, Banner, or every marketing material can be done through canvas without having professional design experience at all.

And the unique beauty of the can canava is; all the tmplate are here, for above and beond marketing you drag drop, design, develop and deliver to demonestra your brand smart costing fortune.

Tools For Digital Marketing Project management


Are you using any project management tool for your current project to get get the list done without over noise?

Asana is a wild polular globally recoznized tolls used by millions of experts. Its no actually design for digital amrketing but it fo managing project. Getting the effectively done from the team following deadline.

Are you strggling with yotu insider managements, dont know whats happening insdie the team have no track recod, working mor ebut experiencing or getting less result? Donot get apnic now use asa as free start then experein how your work stargy getting better and better. 


FInally you may find some really expetensively crucial tolls to manage your digital marketing more meaningful manner. If you chaeck those all one another I can bet youll get some good result. How because as you have noticed they all are designed for specific or category wise purpose to fullfill. And where you can take the full advantages as free start. But if it make sense to you and strat discovering the good reason for your business then I would highly recommend you to examin and expand.


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