August 20

How to Build a Social Media Presence?: To Be Proud


If you are a new business trying to build your social media presence, this is the article for you. It is important to make the right impression with a client.  This is true with your social media accounts. A successful approach to social media can improve visitors' number to your website, but getting your approach right requires careful consideration.

Avoid the Hard Sell

The most effective social accounts don't sell you anything. Social media should not promote your products all the time. Sharing the knowledge that demonstrates your expertise is a proven way to succeed with social. The best social accounts provide key information and interact with their following. A recent article from Moz examined how Buzzfeed shared content with the single aim of engaging users. This engagement then becomes synonymous with the brand, increasing popularity as a result.

Focus on publishing content in social media that your users can relate to. By creating a genuine, engagement-orientated account, your customers won't feel pressured into buying from you with every post you publish. However, your business is likely to benefit from an increase in sales over time due to increased trust and brand awareness.

Build and Engage

To create an awesome social account, you need to build your following in your Social media presence. Yet, having a social media account with hundreds of followers is not enough. Finding the right way to engage with your social media community is imperative.  Talk to your customers as you would in person. If you boast world-class customer service, let it shine through in your social media conversations. Some brands have become famous for being risque when it comes to Twitter and Facebook. Still, if you aren't confident in pulling off an alternative persona, we recommend keeping it simple.

Make Your Content Unique

It is almost impossible to create unique content. Due to the sheer volume of content already available on the internet, you will face a high level of competition to get your message heard. It is even harder to find your unique angle when so many other people have already written about your chosen topic.

Find your company's USP and promote it. By sharing details about your company that make you unique, you are more likely to stand out from the crowd. Although you may not be a worldwide brand, taking a refreshing approach to an old problem can still benefit you.

Share Your Success

Everybody loves a success story, and it is important to show your company in the best possible light. Sharing your success stories with your clients' permission can be a great way to boost brand awareness. If you have completed a project that has produced great results, sharing your success shows how you achieve your clients' best results.


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