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Which Domain Extension is the Best for SEO?


A domain name is an identity of your website. To conduct an online business or any other website, you need to choose a perfect domain name. Your domain name should reflect your business, brand, your name – in summary, the identity of your website. A domain name differentiates your website from other sites on the web.

Which Domain Extension is the Best

Now the availability of domain extension or top-level domain (TLDs) might confuse you. You must be wondering which domain extension best for you. People are generally familiar with the .com extension. This article is followed by details of some famous and best domain extensions. From this article, you will get to know which domain extension best for you. So, keep reading the article to choose the best domain extension for your website.

What is SEO?

If you are a complete newbie, it might be helpful for you to give a brief about it. It is essential to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization). People tend to click on whatever links come first. 75% of internet users don't browse beyond the first page of SERP to check out more relevant news or articles. This is why Google wants to show the most relevant website on the top of the SERP. SEO will help your website to rank high on SERPs. That SEO domain names are essential. Of course, a website owner needs to find out an SEO Domain to help his website rank higher.

Pick Extensions Based on Your Needs

Pick an extension that reflects your website's identity. You may not find your desired domain name with .com extension. As .com extension is the most popular one, most people love to pick this one for their website. There are some extensions like .org, .gov etc. are designed for certain groups like government and organization. So, you have to pick the extension which normally best fit with your website. There are also country code based domain extensions. For example, .us, .uk, .ca, etc.

If you are running a blogging website, then .blog would be a perfect choice. Or you are running a site solely for keeping your regular journal than go for .me extension.

In summary, choose domain extension whatever fits with your need. 

Check Some Most Common Domain Extensions

It would be best if you thought about your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. You want to make rank well your website. A perfect domain extension will help your site to rank in SEO. This is why you need to look into some of the popular and common domain extensions.

Now, let's look into the different domain extensions:

.com:The .com domain is the most popular domain extension among other extensions. Commercial websites normally go for .com extension. However, now any website use .com extension. .com will help your website to rank well in SEO. But, the cons of the .com is, your desired domain name might be already taken with .com TLD.

.net: Normally it is meant for a network website. Now, this .net extension is using for a variety of purposes. In case your domain name is already taken from the .com extension, .net is a good back up for you. The technology and networking companies also go for .net extension

.org: .org is intended for organizations. Its best use for the non-profit organization. It is not a wise choice to use the .org extension for the business organization website. Although any entity or person can pick the .org extension. .org extension looks trustworthy and reliable. This why it's a good choice for a non-profitable organization. Hope you are clear about what is .org

.edu: .edu specifically used for the group of educational institutions. Schools, colleges and universities use .edu for their website

.info: .info solely used for information based website. Selling anything is not the purpose of this kind of website. So, if you are not selling anything and your purpose is providing information (any kind) then go for it.

.gov: .gov stands for government. Any governmental website uses .gov extension. .gov specifies to the people that to whom this website belongs

.co: Initially .co designated as a country code. Further, it became a popular option for companies. The .co extension makes more sense for the company website. It's a good choice to differentiate your business website. It is new, but it became popular to the new entrepreneurs.

.biz: Its become an alternative choice of .com for a business website. It has disadvantages as spam-my sites use it.

Final Thought:

There are many options to pick the right domain extension. Think carefully about your domain extension or TLD- Top Level Domain (Whatever you call it). Choose an extension that makes more sense to your purpose and will rank well in SEO. Hope you will able to find which domain extension best for you.

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