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what is web hosting and how does it work


Definition of web hosting:

In short web hosting is a space or storage providing process on the internet server. Companies that make your website live online are called hosting providers. They provide storage on their server to keep website documents, data, images, videos, applications and so on.

When your website is hosted online it is shown and accessible by others connected to the internet. Anyone having the internet has access to your website.

Generally websites are hosted by hosting providers but in exceptional cases websites can be hosted by owners themselves. Though the functionality remains questionable.

How Does Hosting Work:

In the real world while starting a business we choose a location that can be said as a shop or showroom to run the business, to sell products and services, and mainly to create access to customers and buyers.

In the virtual world hosting providers serve as the showroom or shop where every product is stored that includes website files, documents, images and every other thing might be needed to ensure customer access and users may ask for. As the real world showroom doesn’t come free of cost the virtual showroom is not free as well.

Hosting provider companies work as a medium between website owner and website viewer. They are liable to accept the request viewer does, collect data from the website server and transmit them to the viewer's device. When viewers type your name or web address on their web browser they see your web page and every information they are allowed to see.

Available options of hosting to choose:

To understand what web hosting is and how it works, you need to understand what options you have in hand to work with. As different hosting works differently and is suitable for different people. Basic classification of hosting is given below-

Shared Hosting: 

This is the most affordable type of hosting with lower cost. Lower price comes with lower capability. In this hosting several websites share the resources and capacity of a server. This hosting is only suitable for small websites with low traffic. If traffic of any website increases that causes speed issues for others. Other websites face problems loading their pages and websites can crash for no reason. One single website owner has very less control on the server.

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting is an expensive and powerful type of hosting. Here website owners own a server only for themselves. When your website is big enough and has a load of traffic only then you should purchase a dedicated hosting. Here the owner has direct access to the server and full control on the website and can install and uninstall any application they want. Here more power and freedom comes with more expense.

VPS hosting:

This hosting is a stronger and more advanced type of hosting. This can be described as an advanced form of  shared hosting. it assembles the best features of both dedicated and shared hosting. Here resources are shared but with less number of websites. So the bandwidth and storage are sufficient for everyone. As dedicated hosting is so expensive if you can’t afford one you can easily go with the VPS hosting. It is comparatively cheaper and more powerful.

WordPress Hosting:

A WordPress site can be hosted through any hosting service. If you choose a managed WordPress site you get full power, control, 24/7 services, auto backups and so on. This offers full ownership of the server. It combines the services of dedicated hosting and other specialized hosting. This doesn’t come very costly and that’s a relief.

Cloud Hosting:

In cloud hosting website owners have a cloud storage for file backups. When your company is like you can’t afford any service gap or downtime you are recommended to use cloud hosting. In this type when one server goes down another keeps the website on track. This type of service definitely cost a lot. But when you need it you need to have it. This offers you the power and control of dedicated hosting as well as unmetered bandwidth.

Important features to look up in a hosting provider:

There are differences among hosting providers as well as hosting packages. While choosing one you need to understand what you require from your web host and what your web host can offer. There are some basic features a web hosting needs to contain . they are below-

  • Uptime: Uptime is how long does your website need to load. It basically refers to speed. While choosing a web host you need to be sure about up time or speed (mbps) they offer.
  • Storage & Bandwidth: How much storage your host offers means a lot. How much data can you transmit in a specific amount of time? Are you getting enough space and bandwidth compared to the price you are paying?  
  • Control: how much control do you have on your server. Are you in full control or have no control on it needs to be checked. Depends on your need and price paid. 
  • Support: How much support are they offering? 24/7 or less than that? As a website owner you will need maximum support and response from the host. Need to check for that.
  • Security: If a hosting provider is serious enough in terms of security issues. Do they offer malware protection and firewalls is important to know before buying one.
  • Backups and auto scaling: Do your host keep backups of your page and are they able to auto scale updates. 
  • Pricing: Most importantly how much they demand for a specific amount of service. Is it reasonable?


Lastly, you have got a descriptive idea about what, how of web hosting. Web hosting can be done internally or externally. Means by the web owner himself and by hosting provider company. Hosting works like a landlord who rents you a space on the internet and you need to pay for it. You only have to know about your need and price given for it.

Web hosting: FAQs

What is the web hosting process?

Web hosting is a tactic that allows small and big organizations to make their page online. They are given storage on the internet to store their files for viewers to see.

Is a web hosting service necessary?

Now having an online face of your business is a must. so, a web hosting service is necessary  for organizations who want their business available online. 

What does it mean by bandwidth and how much does one need?

A bandwidth refers to the amount of data your website can transmit in a specific time period. Powerful hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth while less powerful ones have limits on it.


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