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What is reseller hosting & how does it work?


Do you have a plan to start your own web hosting business? Do you want to start Reseller Webhosting to start your web hosting business? Do you need to learn all the necessary details about reseller web hosting? If you are looking to learn the details about Reseller Webhosting then you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn all about reseller hosting.

This article includes what is reseller hosting, how reseller hosting works, the type of reseller hosting, the reasons you should choose reseller hosting, and so on. So let’s learn the details of reseller web hosting and how does reseller hosting works

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller hosting service is another type of web hosting service. This web hosting contains a hard drive, CPU, and Random Access Memory (RAM). You buy reseller web hosting from a web hosting service provider and later sell it to your customer. You can alter its attributes and prices. You can also create your own plans and provisions. This web hosting business is the most suitable for those who are fresh in this industry.

Moreover, it is the most suitable alternative for entrepreneurs. You can enter the industry of web hosting easily, through a reseller web hosting service. All you have to do buy hosting from an authentic hosting provider and sell it to the end-users.

How Reseller Hosting Works

Before starting a reseller web hosting business, you obviously want to know how reseller web hosting works. Let’s look into the facts of how reseller hosting works usually:

  • In the first place, you need to find out a good and reliable web hosting provider to do reseller hosting. You have to look out if that particular web hosting service company is offering any reseller hosting or not. There are many web hosting providers in this industry. All you have to do to find out the right one. It is important to choose a good one. Because a good company will always provide you support. Further, you order a reseller package from your selected web host provider.
  • You will get cPanel/WHM with your reseller account after purchasing it from the web host provider. This is also known as “Reseller Control Panel” and “Web Host Manager”. Your Hosting provider will give you a cPanel logging username and password indeed. You will be logging to the cPanel or WHM account and create your own hosting package. You can alter the features of the web hosting packages as well as the prices. It is completely your choice, how much bandwidth and disk space you want to provide to your every client.
  • After all these activities, you represent your hosting packages to the clients and resell the packages. As a result, you officially become an intermediary between your hosting provider and your customers.

This is how reseller hosting works actually. It would be the best choice for beginners as they have limited capital to start a web hosting business.

Reasons to choose Reseller Webhosting Business

This is the era of the internet. In this era, a website is certainly a basic need for a business. From small businesses to large enterprises, every single organization needs a website to run their Institution. It would the best choice to start a reseller web hosting business. The reasons you can choose reseller-hosting business:

 It is a new opportunity

Every business is willing to make enlargement and growth of the business in the future. Moreover, the Reseller business can be a wonderful one. Though, you need to weigh your expenses before initializing this business. To tell the truth, a reseller hosting business does not reacquire much capital. This attribute of reseller hosting makes this business more attractive to new opportunity seekers.

Reseller Hosting Removes the Complexity

As you get your reseller-hosting package from a parent web hosting company, you do not have to worry about complex work like server maintenance. All you have to do just focus on getting new customers. Your end customers will not face any problem if you select a good and reliable web hosting provider for your reseller business. As a result, you can price your reseller as you want on the other hand your clients will get a good quality web hosting service.

Facts need to consider before entering this business

Reseller hosting is a very competitive business. A newbie should consider some factors before entering this industry. Otherwise, the path of success would become very difficult for him/ her. The factors you should pay attention:

The reputation of Your Selected Host

Choosing an unreliable will cause you a failure of your reseller hosting business. You need to partner with a reliable and well-rated hosting provider. A bad choice of selecting a web hosting provider might cause you to lose your brand identity. Moreover, your clients will face the problem with this.

Target Audience analysis

Its obvious, analyzing the target audience is a critical and important matter of fact. Who are you targeting to sell your product? Is it a small business owner or a large entity? Is it personal bloggers or e-commerce business owners? Based on your target customers you will alter your hosting plans and make a marketing plan.

What you are looking for in Reseller Hosting?

As you are purchasing your reseller-hosting package to sell to the end-users, you obviously should look for some attributes with the products. The common features people normally looking for:

  • The power to manage your own plan to resell the web hosting to the end-users
  • Disc Space
  • Bandwidth
  • Processor
  • Available Data Center
  • Domain Hosting
  • More Websites/ software like cPanel and, WHMC, WHM, etc. and
  • How much you will get from the parent company.

Who should use reseller web hosting?

For web developers and web designers, reseller hosting would be a great choice. It's because they know about the market very well. They understand the client’s needs and demands. No doubt, starting a reseller hosting business is super easy for web developers and web designers.

Low-budget holders also choose the reseller-hosting business to start a new business. They just have to buy reseller packages from the parent company and sell it to the end-users. “Client-Hunt” is the most crucial thing in the reseller hosting business.

Is Reseller Hosting Profitable?

Surely you can make a good amount of money from Reseller hosting. Right actions will make your business profitable. A good profitable reseller hosting business depends on your marketing strategy, your target market, your selected web hosting company, market promotion, technical support, and so on.

In order to start this business, you have to partner with a good and reliable web hosting provider. You purchase reseller hosting as a package and later you alter the features and prices whatever suits to attract the clients. In this case, you charge your hosting packages as you want to sell to the clients.

So there is a huge chance to make your reseller hosting business profitable.
Above all, keeping your customers happy and satisfied will generate more profit for your reseller web hosting business.

What are the disadvantages of Reseller Hosting?

Naturally, there are some disadvantages you have to face while doing the reseller hosting business. Let's discuss those disadvantages now:

Choosing Bad Hosting Provider

The base of your reseller web hosting business is a reliable web host provider. Your client's website might face a lot of ups and down, page slow loading, bad customer service, and security. Choosing a bad hosting provider will cost you to lose the trust of your clients in your business. It became a challenge for a newbie to find and reach out to a good web host provider.

24/7 Support

It’s mandatory to be available 24/7 to provide support. You have to keep that in your mind before entering this web hosting business. It’s a challenge for the reseller hosting business provider. This is why it this important to find out a web hosting service provider with 24/7 support. Suppose your client is facing a server down in the middle of the night, he/she will approach you to fix the problem. You can seek help from your web host provider to fix your client’s problem.

Huge Competition

The competition is huge in this industry. Many companies are providing quality-hosting services at an affordable rate. This is why you have to set up a good marketing strategy with quality hosting.

Final Thought

It’s a challenge to find out the best web host provider. You will find out a good web host provider by these attributes: operating business for a long time, offering hosting plans around the world, and balanced reseller hosting plans. I hope after reading this article you get the details of reseller hosting and how reseller hosting works.



Reseller hosting is that type of web hosting where the account owner has the ability to use his or her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of other parties. The reseller purchases the hosting services wholesale and then sells them to customers for profit


Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel will help you to manage your Reseller Hosting Account. WHM will let you to create individual cPanel accounts for your customers. WHM has features, which will allow you to create web hosting packages, creating new accounts, managing security and so on.


A website’s speed is so important for its success. A website’s conversion rate, bounce rate and SEO ranking depend on the speed of the site. Avalon Hosting Services Ltd. will provide you high a performance reseller hosting package. Avalon’s reseller package is the perfect solution.


White Labelle hosting is the ability to resell another hosting company’s server and hosting services as if they were your own company’s server. Avalon’s white-labeled reseller hosting will allow you to customized control panels, name-servers and your billing software with your own brand.


Reseller hosting is the best way to enter a hosting business for a newbie. There is a lot to do to launch your own hosting services business, like, purchasing your own servers, set up your network, paying for software and so on. However, Reseller Hosting Does not requires all these activities. You will get the best Reseller Hosting packages from Avalon Hosting Services Ltd and later customize them for your customers. We will provide you an easier, faster and affordable Reseller Hosting Package.


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