What is Digital Marketing?


Your Questions About Digital Marketing Answered. In today’s hyper-connected world, it is now easier than ever to connect with. Contact and communicates with your customers and potential customers online.

That is why having a digital marketing plan is as important as ever. A sort of umbrella term for all of your online marketing protocols, digital marketing includes everything from SEO and Pay Per Click adverts on Google to advertising on Facebook or Twitter and email marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing is a very broad category of marketing, and there are lots of little details that fall under digital marketing that you may never think of, like having the best hosting services possible (to avoid spam or online scams) and even SMS or MMS messages which don’t even involve the internet! There are hundreds of questions that even the most advanced digital marketers don’t know the answer to. But to get you started here are a few of the most common conundrums to help you out:


Does my business really need digital marketing?

The short answer is: yes! Digital marketing is perhaps the most important tool you have. When it comes to attracting new customers or users to your website or business. No matter what type of business you have, digital marketing will be an invaluable asset. The beauty of having a digital marketing strategy is that you can see the results of your efforts in real time as they happen, so you can quickly and easily see what works, in what way it works, and how well your tactics are working too.

Is digital marketing expensive?

There are loads of free and easy ways to implement digital marketing for your business, and you really can achieve some great results without even spending a penny, but once you have exhausted the cost-free ways of marketing online, it may be worth stepping up your digital marketing plan by paying to get even better results.

As long as you have your website hosted through a reputable web hosting company then you can employ some inbound marketing techniques like SEO with only a little bit of research and no cost at all. However, if you are looking to employ outbound techniques such as online pay-per-click advertising or buying email lists. Then you will have to pay for your results.


Is there a difference between digital marketing and inbound marketing?

You may have heard both the terms ‘digital marketing’ and ‘inbound marketing’ quite a lot, they may even have been used interchangeably in conversation, but is there a difference between the two terms? Whilst both ‘inbound marketing’ and ‘digital marketing’ are extremely similar, there are a few small differences between the two.

In the world of digital marketing, there are both inbound and outbound methods or tactics that can be used. While the term ‘digital marketing’ as a whole doesn’t differentiate between the push and pull of these tactics. ‘Inbound marketing’ is a much more specific term that relates to marketing techniques. That actually attract target customers to a website rather than just aiming your efforts at everyone.

To put it simply, inbound marketing is digital marketing, but digital marketing isn’t necessarily inbound marketing.


What type of digital marketing content can I create apart from a blog post?


Everyone knows that SEO rich blog posts and websites are the first and most important type of content every digital marketer should be creating for their business. There are also lots of other great types of content you can create to pique potential customer’s interests.

Infographics, blog posts, and short videos are all easy, shareable nuggets of content. That is quick to create and a great way to spread the word about the sector your business is in. If you have just started using digital marketing effectively; however, e-books and webinars. Those are another form of content you should be thinking about as they allow a lot of room. It is use for lead generation, interactivity, and are extremely high in value.

So, whether you’re an old hand at digital marketing, or just new to the party, you can take a few hints and tips from this article to help inspire your next big digital marketing campaign and push your business to the next level.


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