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The Purpose Of Using SSL Certificates


Table Of Contents:

  • Introduction.
  • What is an SSL certificate?
  • Want to know why SSL is essential?
  • Google Makes SSL Mandatory in 2018.
  • Why Does Google Recommend An SSL Certificates?
  • Wrapping Up.


When you become aware and look around the current website security, you will discover that website security has been going wild for the last few years. 

Because online hackers are increasing every day, they can send the malware to your site and hack the data and visitors at the same time. 

That’s why an SSL certificates or website security is much more beneficial in today’s world. And in this article, we will talk about little details about SSL certificates, what you can do with them, and the endless possibility of an SSL.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s a digital certificate that secures the website from unwanted threats when it activates the encrypted connection.

As you can explore, business websites need to connect so many things at the same time, such as customer information, transactional, personal, or private data. 

And without strong security, it’s almost impossible to keep them secure. Because the online criminal is non-stop trying to hack, threaten and steal your data for their destructive advantages. And when you have SSL inside. Your site wouldn’t be able to access your website and fail.

Which will not only save your data information but business and customer loyalty as well. 

Want to know why SSL is essential?

Numerous reasons are commonly known for keeping the SSL Certificates on the website, especially if you think about the business website. Where many transactions occur, massive amount of traffic on the site, and the big transaction happens almost often. 

So the versatile elements are connected to this SSL. 

Let’s uncover this and find where your business is missing the security.

-SSL Protects Data: 

Enterprise or big e-commerce, or any large corporation, has a massive list of data such as audience data, business data, transactional data, etc. 

In this case, if any hackers attract your site and access your data, they can steal it or use your website traffic for their site. 

But SSL Certificates will protect your site from that. It will instantly save your site, so the hackers will never be able to access it whatever they do.

-SSL Affirms Your Identity

Today’s users are more conscious about their security. If any website fails to show that they don’t have any form of protection on the site. Then the audience gets confused about your identity and whether the website is secure. But when you have an SSL certificates on your site. It supercharges your identity faster than before.

-SSL Encrypts Sensitive Information:

As users interact with your business website, they have personal and private info such as login credentials, security numbers, bank info, etc. An SSL certificates will encrypt, which means secure everything so unwanted users can’t access your site whatever they do. 

So you can think about your audience’s security, think about your business security, and think about protecting everything from the online criminals that a single SSL covers. 

So stay protected, and live proudly.

-SSL Provides Authentication:

When you carefully look around the current marketplace, you’ll see people don’t want to trust today. That’s why giant companies or organizations invest a tremendous amount of money to build trust. But whenever the audience comes to your site and finds it doesn’t look trustworthy, they will immediately leave your site and may not come back again. Because as internet users, everyone is looking for the safety of their documents and data. But without an SSL, every site looks insecure dressless statue that doesn’t create trust at all. 

So before you go to the marketplace, let’s make your site SSL certified first, then go beyond growth as soon as possible.

-SSL Helps You Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements:

SSL is an industry-standard protocol that is used to encrypt communication between a web server and a web browser. SSL certificates are used to verify the identity of a website and to encrypt sensitive information such as credit card numbers and passwords. All websites that accept credit card payments are required to have an SSL certificates, and most e-commerce platforms will not allow transactions to take place without one. In addition to being a PCI/DSS requirement, using SSL also helps to improve your website’s security and search engine ranking. Many web browsers will display a warning message when attempting to access a website that does not have an SSL certificates, which can lead to lost visitors and sales. For these reasons, it is essential for all businesses that accept credit card payments to install an SSL certificate on their website.

-Better Search Engine Ranking: 

As you can see, today, almost every website needs visitors to meet the purpose of selling. And google rank varies the rank so profoundly in every way. But the challenge in the last few years; Google doesn’t provide the rank unless they make sure your site is secure. 

Google mostly wants the users to be happy, users to be secure, and users to get the most. And above and beyond, when you check about the last few years, Google updates. You will see what they most or all about the users. In this case, SSL Certificate hugely increases the audience trust that directly impacts the Google ranking to get more free traffic, more conversion, more sales, and more ROI.

SSL Improves Customer Trust: 

Customers’ experience is the first and most grounded element for almost every business you can imagine today. Because the visitors or audience comes to your site or visit and finds no reason to trust it, they will automatically leave it and may not ever come back. But having an SSL Certificate shows an audience that your site is entirely trustworthy to project the trust of your business product or service.

Google Makes SSL Mandatory in 2018

Before 2018 most businesses believed that SSL Certificate was not mandatory. There were rumors that SSL is optional. But when the Chrome68 launched. It shows whether the website is secure or not. If the website has an SSL, it shows that security. 

If not, the chrome shows insecure, which naturally proves that Google wants an SSL Certificate for the user security. For example, if you open a website using chrome, HTTPS is website security. And if the URL is HTTP, it represents the insecurity of the website and business.


Why Does Google Recommend An SSL Certificate?

There are numerous reasons that a website should be secured. Here we will discuss why it’s essential and the business websites must include it.

It creates authority of the website, which shows users can visit the site and deal with above beyond transactions.

It builds the trust of the users that the site owner is real and legally doing business online.

It assists the brand identity, which represents anyone who can deal with the business.

It paralyzes the hacker’s activity. They cannot easily access your site and steal the data.

It protects traffic so no one can access or steal your visitors for their advantage.

It helps the SEO ranks. When search engines or Google see your website, the security search algorithm provides more value around it. 

Wrapping Up:

Finally, you can now define yourself that a business website needs security for versatile reasons. 

You may not think about this earlier. But if you don’t, it will harm you in so many places like your data, audience trust, credibility, and many more. Which can be a colossal loss for your business.

But imagine what would happen if you have website security, and it protects your property, data, traffic, and from all kinds of dirty attract. Would not it expand your business and profit on the bottom line? Just use an SSL Certificate for a few months and enjoy the magic.

Get in touch and keep your website secure. Avalon Hosting Services Is here for your domain hosting & web security solution.


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