November 28

Why and How Snapchat Ads Are Every Digital Marketer’s Secret Weapon


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest are the big players in the world of social media digital marketing, but is it time to find the next big thing? Snapchat is no longer just an app used to send risqué pictures that self-destruct, and over the past few years its popularity and usability have sky-rocketed, and here’s why and how you should be using it:

Why: You can contact the right people

Depending on the target audience you have for your brand, Snapchat Ads could be the most appropriate choice of social media to reach the right people. The key demographic for Snapchat is 18-34 year olds, so if you’re looking for young and active, then you can’t get closer than that.

Why: You can show a bit of personality

Different social networks allow you to show different aspects of your business or brand’s personality, and thanks to the live, instant nature and 24-hour time-frame of Snapchat you can be so much more personal and intimate with your potential customers. Providing a first-hand look at the behind-the-scenes areas of your brand will help you to look more personable, relatable and trustable.

Why: You can make direct contact

Facebook’s problem is that most people have to remember to visit your page directly to see your updates, and Twitter is so fast-paced that your updates can be easily missed, but Snapchat is unique in that the app is used by people who physically click on your ‘Story’ to see what you are saying. This is the key part of people’s Snapchat routine, meaning that you have your audience’s undivided attention at all times, and chances are that they are viewing your updates multiple times per day, every single day. What other social media platform offers such a direct and impactful service?

How: Videos and Photos

Media is the way to go if you want to capture the interest of young people and retain their attention, and Snapchat makes it easy to record short videos showing products or explaining how they work; you can also post multiple updates in a row to create an interesting narrative, and even post images from your camera roll like a mini catalogue.

How: Filters

Using personalized and custom-made filters can be a great way to create brand awareness and share your message. You can pay big to add these filters to Snapchat’s list for your brand, create a simple filter for the location of your store or office and even create a geo-filter that only activates when your customers are in a certain area.

How: Paid adverts

Snapchat’s devoted audience is shown adverts every so often while viewing other people’s stories, and you can pay for a branded one to be shown in this way. The most straightforward and controllable form of advertising on Snapchat, you can create all sorts of impactful adverts to appeal to your potential customers.

How: Discounts

Thanks to Snapchat’s 24-hour self-destruct policy, it’s the perfect place to offer discount codes and vouchers to your customers. Simply add a quotable code or specific word to any of your Snaps that customers can say in a store, or type in online and get a discount to help boost sales and convert people to actual customers. Sharing deals regularly will also encourage people to keep coming back and looking at your story, so they become immersed in your content.

How: Include links

As well as letting people know new and exciting things about your brand, digital marketers can also add a link or webpage to their Snaps so that users can swipe up from a Snap to go straight to a website which is relevant. This is a great way to keep customers interested and learning more about your business.

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