November 4

Is Comodo now Sectigo?


Comodo CA Is Now Sectigo

The world’s largest certificate authority Comodo CA is now Sectigo and will move forward with the new and existing products/solutions to protect your customers, employees, websites, intellectual property, and overall interests from online threats. All products will transition from Comodo brand to Sectigo brand name. e.g Comodo EV SSL is now Sectigo SSL EV.
It’s still the same company that has issued over 100,000,000 SSL certificates in more than 150 countries. 

Do I need to make any changes to Comodo CA products?
No. You do not need to make any changes until they are due for renewal.

Will my support change?

No. You will receive the same expert service and support.

When will the name change and rebrand take place?

The rebrand change took place at the beginning of November 2018. We will continue to update you on all updates as Comodo CA transitions to Sectigo.

What will happen to the Comodo trusted roots?

Comodo Certificate Authority roots will remain trusted. Any newly issued certificates will continue to have a Comodo root until the new brand is established.

 Do I need to change my Comodo Trust Logo to a new trust logo/site seal?

Yes. A new trust logo will be provided following the Sectigo launch. We will update you when this needs to be done.

 Will Comodo continue to show as the Certificate Authority in web browsers?

Yes. Comodo will continue to be shown as the Certificate Authority in browsers until the rebrand is complete.

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