The Importance of A Good Web Hosting in The Business

You could have the most perfectly designed website, a fantastic digital marketing plan and a great product or service to offer, but if your web host isn’t up to scratch, then nothing else matters!

It’s often the last thing that people think about when setting up a website or online business, but it really is vital for you to have a good, solid web hosting that you can rely on and who knows what they are doing.

When it comes to hosting your website, a reliable web host provider could mean the difference between success and failure, and here are a few reasons why:

1. Downtime means lost sales

It might sound simple, but it really doesn’t get much more frustrating than trying to access a website and seeing an error message saying the website is down. If your website is hosted with a cheap, unreliable company, then chances are that your website will be offline for a large chunk of time.

Whether that is to do with technical glitches, overloading servers or any issues caused by the web hosting company. Website downtime means you lose viewers, you lose customers and ultimately, you lose sales. We live in a high-speed, interactive age, where time is money, and people won’t try more than once or twice to access your website if it isn’t loading or appearing properly.

Another issue with repeated downtime is that search engines such as Google actually penalize you if your website is offline, which affects your SERP.

2.  Speed is important

The faster your website loads, the less likely customers will lose interest and go elsewhere. A good web host will offer fast loading times for all of your pages and the media contained in them. So whether your website features just text or photographs, gifs, and videos too. Your visitors will always get the best experience the first time around.

Less reputable web hosts will often overload servers and have too many clients. Not enough resources, resulting in slow and unresponsive websites, which is bad news for your customers.

3. Data is your livelihood

Every website owner’s worst nightmare is the thought of their website losing any amount of data, files or content, and having a reliable web hosting company storing your entire business can help give you peace of mind that your website is being stored backed up correctly.

There really is nothing worse than a cheap web host disappearing with all of your hard work in tow. For this reason alone, paying a bit more for a reputable web host is definitely worth it.

4. They won’t leave you high and dry

No matter how advanced or experienced you are. There will always be problems and issues with a website that you need help to sort out and fix. A good web host will always be there 24/7 when you need some support. And they should have a dedicated team working on solving your problems. Answering your questions to make things run as smoothly as possible.

A good web host will make sure that your website is running in optimum conditions at all times. If something does go wrong, they will always be there to help. Whether they are contactable through Live Chat, email, contact form, phone, or in person, a good web hosting provider will make sure you are never, ever left high and dry!



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