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Http vs Http: What are the differences and benefits of using them


The rules have changed about what good website security means—starting with a new minimum requirement for all website pages to support encrypted connections. The good news is you’ll gain other valuable benefits by adhering to this new standard. First, let’s get on the same page by reviewing a few basics.

What is HTTPS

When your customers land on a web page that’s not protected by any type of SSL Certificate they’ll see http:// at the beginning of the website address in the browser bar. This used to be perfectly fine unless your webpage involved a login ID, password, form or payments. Enter the era of mega cybercrime.

HTTP has one glaring flaw—it’s not secure. Any information transmitted via an HTTP connection is vulnerable to being tampered with, misused or stolen. Your visitors deserve to know any data they share with you is safe from prying eyes.

Installing an SSL Certificate changes the browser bar address to https:// to clearly show visitors the connection is encrypted, meaning the server is authenticated and data is protected in transit. No wonder web browsers have made HTTPS the new standard for website security.


HTTPS Is Good for Your Bottom Line

Enabling encrypted connections is one great reason to protect your website with an SSL Certificate. But, it’s not the only reason. Here are some other ways HTTPS brings value to your business.

Speeds Up Performance

Being the slow kid on the block and the last one picked for dodgeball is a bummer. Being slow online could cost you everything. HTTP is being replaced by a newer faster version—HTTP/2. Encrypted connections are required to unlock the latest speed and security features.

Increases Search Engine Traffic

Google includes SSL as a ranking factor. How’d you like to boost your search visibility up to 5%? Be found above the competition by encrypting every page of your website.  

Enables Mobile Options

Salesforce reports 71% of marketers believe mobile is core to their business. Mobile’s most popular features—geolocation, motion orientation, microphone, fullscreen and camera access—require HTTPS to be enabled by most browsers

Protects Your Brand Reputation

A recent CA Security Council Report shows a mere 2% of customers would proceed past the “Not Secure” warnings that are due to kick in July 1 for all webpages without HTTPS connections. Show visitors your brand values their security by protecting your website with an SSL Certificate.

Delivers a Seamless Experience

Don’t let visitors engage with several pages on your site only to be get broadsided with a “Not Secure” warning on pages you haven’t protected. They’ll reward you for taking the extra steps to give them an end-to-end encrypted experience.

Identity Validation Matters, Too

HTTPS is no longer optional if you want to build relationships and a business online. The good news it adds a lot of value to your business. But, SSL Certificates do more than enable HTTPS. They also authenticate or validate your identity so visitors know it’s really you on the other end of their connection. We’re here to help you find the right level of validation based on your goals.

Bonus benefit: Google Marking Non SSL as Not Secure Website

he releases of Chrome 56, will start showing non SSL – HTTP website as a not secure website.

Chrome currently displays a green padlock icon with HTTPS in the address bar for sites. That is secure and the circle-i with a message that this website is not secure. But the security team will be taking it one step further by displaying a red triangle for all HTTP pages.

Emily Schechter, Product Manager for Chrome Security, said on the official Google Security blog. That is the first phase to flag non SSL-HTTP sites that process passwords or credit cards.

Then, Google plans to extend the non SSL warnings to Incognito mode in the following releases and will eventually show a red triangle on all HTTP pages. 

This will help answer the visitor’s question, “Is this site encrypted?” Or, maybe a better question “Is this site safe for transactions?” The answer is No. The site is not encrypt. So this is not secure website.”


This means without SSL someone can not only access the data from the internet. Seeing everything we do on a site but can also control it and manipulate it.

When traffic is not encrypted it makes us vulnerable to anyone. Using the same Wi-Fi at the local center or coffee shop someone can steal our email, passwords or banking information.

Buy a domain and get free SSL or get Get Rapid SSL. The proper installation of an SSL certificate, will disappear the “Not Secure website” sign. It will be replace with a green padlock icon. Then the site will be secure for any online transactions and public dealings.  

It’s important to note that SSL isn’t only about confidentiality. Which is how most people think of it. But also about integrity and authenticity, which in many cases are much more important.

Schechter also explained that switching over from HTTP won’t affect sites’ search rankings, it is easier to install and much cheaper than ever before. It also enables the best performance and powerful features that are too sensitive for  Not secure website or HTTP websites.

For most startups and small-to-midsize businesses, the move to HTTPS shouldn’t be difficult. While you can buy and install a certificate from multiple providers or your web hosting company itself. Most web hosts are offering easy one-click Encrypt SSL certificate installation and most also provide automatic renewals.


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