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How to Use Hashtags Effectively in Social Media Post


Confused about hashtag (#)? Do not know how to use the hashtag (#)? Want a learn more about this symbol (#) widely being used in social media platforms? You won’t need to look further. In this post, you will get an overall idea of hashtag (#), what it is and how to use it. The hashtag is widely used in today’s social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. You will get to know the following essential facts about hashtags throughout this post:

  1. What is Hashtag?
  2. Why Hashtag is important
  3. Supported platforms that use Hashtag
  4. Hashtags in Business and Marketing on Social Media
  5. Categories of common Hashtags
  6. Tools to find the right Hashtag

What is Hashtag

Hashtag or this symbol “#” has gained much popularity. It has become an integral part of social media. Also, it is being used as a powerful medium to promote business, brand organizations, etc. in social media marketing. Organizations can use hashtags to reach their target audience and to help members filter information.

Before we learn why should we use a hashtag on social media, we need to know what hashtag actually is. Feeling interested? Here is the answer;

A hashtag (introduced by the symbol #) is a type of metadata tag used on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. It allows users to put on vibrant and user-generated tagging, which makes it possible for others to find messages with a specific theme or content easily. As an example, if you type #DomainName on twitter, you will see all related posts, articles related to “domain name”.You do not need to search for your required information anywhere else. hashtag mainly organizes all the information and conversations related to a particular topic in one group.

How to use the Hashtag

Users create and use hashtags by placing the number sign or pound sign # usually in front of a word or unspaced phrase in a message. It is mainly positioned in front of a keyword or phrase to make it clickable and searchable. Before we move forward there are some points we need to know about hashtag;

  1. Hashtags only work with letters and numbers.No spaces between words or numbers should be there. But they don’t work with just numbers like #1971,#50, etc. You need to get a meaningful word with the numbers. Also, punctuation marks are not supported, so commas, periods, exclamation points, question marks, and apostrophes are not allowed to use. Do not use asterisks, ampersands or any other special characters.
  1. Hashtags are not case sensitive. You can put words and phrases together, but you should capitalize each letter to make it easier to read. Do not put space in it. If you put space, only the letter after hashtag will be counted.
  1. By using a hashtag, you can effortlessly analyze what’s trending. You can easily find out what people are talking about related to your hashtag keyword.
  1. It is essential to be relevant. Anything you want to post, it needs to be to the topic. You should never post anything that has nothing to do with your topic.

Let’s think about a popular hashtag #EatPizza; now, if you want to talk about Webhosting, you have nothing to talk about #EatPizza. Your hashtag would be #WebHosting. One more thing you need to remember is you need to be specific with a keyword that accurately represents what you are searching for. Say, if you want to know about hosting providers that are on business you should write #hosting providers rather than #hosting.

  1. Keep hashtags short and easy to remember rather than trying to use a lot of words in one tag. Do not try to force hashtags onto all posts. only utilize them when they increase value to your post. Make sure that they are likely to encourage discussion and collaboration.
  1. Hashtags can not only attract members of your target audience, but they can also be used to research your competition. Search using hashtags, and you will uncover relevant content related to your topic.

Why Hashtag is important

Hashtags help to increase your social media existence as they make your content available by anyone who has an interest in your hashtag as it goes beyond just your followers.

From a user perspective, hashtags allow people to find posts that are relevant to their interests and interact with other social media users who share those interests by joining the conversation about hashtag ABC.

Hashtags can help you build a brand for your business or yourself by engaging with customers and joining the conversation about what’s trending. From a business perspective, it is your chance to be noticed in such a discussion and establish your company as a voice for specific topics. If you participate in the high-traffic conversation by discovering the most important trending topics, you are more likely to gain high visibility to your business. The more visibility you get, the more likely you can create a larger audience and a larger audience exponentially increases the likelihood of fresh leads for your business.

Supported platforms that use Hashtag

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr are some leading platforms where the hashtag is commonly used. These social media platforms.

Hashtag on Twitter: Twitter is the birthplace of Hashtag usage. Twitter hashtags are mainly used to indicate specific topics of conversation. If you search for a hashtag on the twitter search bar, the most relevant and popular posts and discussions will relate to your topic. Also, you can watch the ongoing trends sidebar of your Twitter feed, which is “#Explore”. Search any Hashtag in the “#Explore” search bar and all related trends and ongoing conversation will be shown up. It also suggests you hashtags that you may be interested in. One thing you should remember that you should not use many hashtags in one post. The number of hashtags should be sufficient.

Hashtag on Facebook: It started providing a unique URL for each hashtag just like Twitter does to enable both the businesses and their target audience to click on and get connected with. On Facebook, it is recommended not to use many hashtags. One or two is sufficient. More than that will make you seem unprofessional and will most likely annoy those reading your posts. Posts that you intend to be found should be posted as public rather than just among your family and friends. It will enable anyone interested in the topic indicated by your hashtag to see your post.

Hashtag on Instagram: Hashtags can be used to complement photos shared on Instagram and help you discover new accounts and pick up followers. Hashtags on Instagram are quite popular as they make the images more noticeable by the audience. On Instagram, using more Hashtags often leads to more engagement. Use up to ten or eleven relevant and popular hashtags on this platform for the best reach. Use the search box to see what hashtags influencers or competitors are using to engage on Instagram.

Hashtag on Pinterest: Use one or two hashtags that are relevant to your topic. Click on the hashtag in a pin description to navigate results that contain the specific hashtag. Use definite and straightforward hashtags for pins.

Hashtag on LinkedIn: On LinkedIn, people work on this platform the same way as any of the other social media platforms. If you publish long-form content on LinkedIn, use a few hashtags in the body of your post. One to three hashtags are usually recommended for LinkedIn. The use of hashtags on LinkedIn can get your updates in front of people outside your network. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness.

Hashtag on Tumblr: Tumblr posts have a special “Tag” section where you can enter tags. These tags function like Twitter hashtags, organizing posts by topic, but the hash symbol is inserted automatically. Hashtags included in the main body of a post are not transformed into links.

Hashtags in Business and Marketing on Social Media:

 Hashtags in Business and Marketing on Social Media

Hashtags are widely being used on every social media platform. For business marketing on social media, you should skillfully use those hashtags. It will help you to develop your marketing process and gather more engagement with your product. Hashtags can expand your content reach, increase your brand, target your market, get your content found, improve your SEO, and more.

Before you start using the hashtag for your business marketing, you need to choose a hashtag that represents your business or brand. You can also create your own hashtag but before that remember these following things:

  1. Make them short and relevant.
  2. Easy to remember and spell.
  3. Be specific to your topic.
  4. Do not use too many hashtags at a time.
  5. Use them everywhere but do not repeat the same tags in one post.

In the case of marketing, you need to follow These following strategies for hashtags,

  • Brand and campaign-specific
  • Trending
  • Content

Brand and campaign-specific Hashtags

These are the hashtags that you make for your own business. Use them for marketing your brand and promoting them. Make a brand hashtag that is unique to your business, defines your business. So you can use your brand tag as your signature tag. Involve people to use them so that your brand gets marketed too.

For campaign hashtags, make hashtags that are used to marketing campaigns of your product. For example, if you are having a sale on any of your products, you can make a unique hashtag for further promotion. Search on social media, If they’re already existing and famous on a few social sites use a different campaign tag for your brand. Promote your hashtag to engage your customers in your brand during your sale.

Trending Hashtags

A trending hashtag is all about what people are talking about “what’s trending now”. They are often referring to the hashtags that are trending or are the most talked about right now. Trending hashtags can be continuously changed in real-time. There are different platforms to find what’s trending on every social media website. If you see a trend that relates to your business, using the tag. By using a trending tag in your content update, you can get audiences for your posts in a massive way. Do not post too many trends that are not related to your brand or business.

There are also lots of resources where you can find recent trending tags, modify your tags, and sites where you can see a visual map of geographic hashtag trends. Look out these sites:

  • Hashtags.org – You can find trending, declining and constant trends, as well as metrics about your social brand.
  • Statigram – You can search for Instagram hashtags trends and get alternatives for hashtag words so that you can choose the most popular tags.
  • Trendsmap – This site gives you a visual map to see geographic hashtag trends. As a local business, this is a great way to know what’s trending in your area instantly.

Content Hashtag

These are the hashtags that are generally used in your posts. They are not branded (and not used to define your business and marketing), but they are essential to improve SEO for your content. They do need to be necessarily trending or highly popular. They are common hashtags that are related to your post content. Content Hashtags show you the recent updates related to the assigned tags of your content.

Here are a few categories of common Hashtags:
  • Product Hashtags: These should be related to your products. Use hashtags that both connect your product and your market.
  • Lifestyle Hashtags: People want to connect with people who have common lifestyles. Make your hashtags so relevant to your product. People should easily relate your tags finding useful to their lifestyle.
  • Event Hashtags: Event base hashtags can be included in a content update. If you or your organization is taking part in any event, you can mention the event tags on your post. This type of tags helps your business to grow faster and gain popularity among the audiences of several events related to your business.
  • Location Hashtags: Use these hashtags to connect locally. You can easily connect with your local customers, using the same local tags they are using in your city. Your local customers will see your updates.

Tools to find the right Hashtag

Want to know what tags are currently being used on a specific topic throughout social media? Visit www.ritetag.com. Type the hashtag you are searching for a particular topic and the website will show you all the results of posts are being published on social media related to your topic. Hashtags.org also tells you which tags are hot in real-time.

Conclusion: In summary, using hashtag has become compulsory for social media users. You can find content and posts and ongoing conversations related to a topic you are searching for in one place. It is essential for business and marketing on social media to gather more engagement, gain customers and spread brand popularity.


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