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How to choose a web hosting provider company: 5 Qualities to look


Do you have a website? Are you searching for a good web hosting company? You must be confused to select the best web hosting provider that is suitable for you. It’s a real struggle for a newbie to choose as there are so many options.

In this article, you will learn about some best qualities that a good Webhosting company carries. You will know how to choose a web host provider as per your needs. These nine qualities will definitely help you to distinguish a good hosting provider. So, keep reading.

What is hosting?

 Let’s start right at the beginning, what exactly is hosting?  Basically, a web host supports a bunch of servers. Servers are designed to let all those who are browsing the web to access their content. This means every time that you click on a website, what you’re actually doing is connecting to a server located somewhere, downloading the site’s files and viewing them.

When you rent a space on a company’s server, you’re paying for them to “host” your site. So, you put all your files onto that server which then allows people browsing the web to view your site. Impressive, right?

The following qualities you will see in a good web hosting company:

  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Unlimited Plans
  • Good Support System
  • Good Payment Plans


You would not want your website to go down. The downtime of your website will definitely cause your site to lose its reputation. This will lead to losing visitors. And losing visitors means losing profit. This is why, before selecting a web host provider, it is a good idea to check how reliable your selected web host provided is. A good web host provider will give you an uptime guarantee. Check out Avalon Hosting Services Ltd. Web hosting offers. Their focus is to give their clients zero downtime service.


Speed of your website is as much important as uptime. Nobody likes a slow website. You need to check your hosting provider’s website speed as well as their customers’ websites speed. Then decide whether you should choose this provider.

The good speed of your website is crucial. You might lose your online visitors because of a slow loading website. And a slow speed website will make your visitors switch to other websites. No website owner will like this. So make sure you have a fast loading website.

Unlimited Plans:

Unlimited plans of web host providers are one of the answers to your question “How to choose a web host provider?” Web host provider like Avalon Hosting Services Ltd. is truly offering unlimited plans like unlimited email, unlimited domain and subdomain, unlimited SSD etc. Some hosting providers are promoting their business by saying free hosting, domain, subdomain etc.

It would be wise for a newbie not to jump into these services immediately after seeing these advertisements. Before signing up for these services, please check their terms and conditions and find out whether they are tricking you or not!

For these reasons, you should look for a web hosting provider that is trustworthy like Avalon. Avalon is providing unlimited offers with its hosting plans at an affordable rate.

Good Support System:

Your hosting provider should have the ability to give you good support whenever you want. You might face some technical issue while running your website. In this regard, you need to contact your hosting provider. If they are an expert, they will quickly fix your problem.

To know whether your hosting provider has a good support system or not, you should look for some bloggers reviews on the net. An honest review will help you to know “who is my hosting provider?”

Good Payment Plans:

Make sure you are getting the exactly what you are paying for. Some unreliable companies trick people. They charge more for hidden features they are giving with your hosting plan. It would be wise to be clear of every single service you are getting from them.

A good web host company will not trick you with their hidden features. They will be transparent to you with their given services.

So beware with the hosting providers who trick you with their amazingly low prices

Which Web Hosting Package is Best for me?

So, you’re ready to set up a new website, how exciting, but now you’re faced with the dilemma; “which web hosting package is best for me?”. We don’t mean to scare you, but this decision is kind of a big one. It determines everything from speed, security, uptime, and stability of your website.

In this, we hope to share some important facts that we’ve discovered about hosting over the years, helping you to understand the crucial parts of hosting so that you can make the best decision and choose the right web host for you. Let’s get started.

What is the difference between hosting and domains?

Many people get domains and hosting confused, and we don’t blame them. It is important to understand the differences between hosting and domain names, so let’s dig in. Understand these differences will give you a little more clarity on the whole thing.

When you’re giving space on a server, you’re also assigned an IP address. However, IP addresses are far too hard to remember, which is where a domain name comes in; it’s easier to remember.

This also benefits you if you ever change your hosting package. Your IP address will change but your domain can remain the same. You won’t lose visitors but you still have the freedom to change your host.

Things you need to consider

Now that we have the nitty-gritty details out of the way, let’s get started on which hosting might be for you. It’s important to list all the requirements that your website might have. These are:

  •  Security requirements? Obviously, all sites need to be secure, but some require a little more security than others. For example, e-commerce sites that will have card details and addresses processed through their website will need to give more attention to security than those who are simply just running a blog, for example.
  •  Email hosting? Do you need email addresses that are linked to the domain of your new site? If you do need this (or simply want this), does your host provide this?
  • How large is your data? What is your actual file size? Because the more data you have, the more storage and bandwidth your host will need. If you’re not entirely sure how much data you have, think about what your site actually includes. Is it mostly text? Well, you won’t need as much storage or bandwidth. Alternatively, if your site is full of images and videos you will need more storage and bandwidth.
  • Volume of traffic. How much traffic do you expect on your site? You need to make sure that your host provider will be able to handle your initial traffic and your future traffic. If your business depends heavily on the traffic to your site, you need to pick a hosting package that will ensure uptime.

Different types of hosting packages

There are different types of web hosting services, and it can all be a little confusing. Below we have listed the most popular types, and what the advantages and disadvantages of using them will be.

  • Shared web hosting. As the name suggests, shared hosting literally means you’re sharing a server with other websites. The low cost of shared hosting makes it a great option for start-ups or blogs. The disadvantage is that the other websites you share the server with may affect your performance. We recommend this server to those with a low budget or start-ups that aren’t initially getting a lot of traffic.
  • Cloud based hosting. It’s the most modern of technologies that have many benefits attached to it. For example, if your site gets an unusually large amount of traffic all of a sudden, it won’t just shut down. Your hosting company will just accommodate for this surge. We recommend cloud servers to just about anybody, but please be mindful that they cost more.
  • Dedicated server. A dedicated server is a physical server that usually sits in your company. Yes, you won’t have to worry about other websites slowing down yours, and your data and information are super secure with this type of hosting. However, upgrading, repairing and maintaining a dedicated server does create some issues. We recommend a dedicated server to businesses that have strictly confidential data.
  • WordPress hosting. WordPress has become so popular that it deserves its very own point. WordPress hosting is perfect for sites that use the platform, it comes with installation updates, plugins and a good level of security. We recommend this to businesses that already use the WordPress platform.

The Importance of A Good Web Hosting in The Business

You could have the most perfectly designed website, a fantastic digital marketing plan and a great product or service to offer, but if your web host isn’t up to scratch, then nothing else matters!

It’s often the last thing that people think about when setting up a website or online business, but it really is vital for you to have a good, solid web hosting that you can rely on and who knows what they are doing.

When it comes to hosting your website, a reliable web host provider could mean the difference between success and failure, and here are a few reasons why:

1. Downtime means lost sales

It might sound simple, but it really doesn’t get much more frustrating than trying to access a website and seeing an error message saying the website is down. If your website is hosted with a cheap, unreliable company, then chances are that your website will be offline for a large chunk of time.

Whether that is to do with technical glitches, overloading servers or any issues caused by the web hosting company. Website downtime means you lose viewers, you lose customers and ultimately, you lose sales. We live in a high-speed, interactive age, where time is money, and people won’t try more than once or twice to access your website if it isn’t loading or appearing properly.

Another issue with repeated downtime is that search engines such as Google actually penalize you if your website is offline, which affects your SERP.

2.  Speed is important

The faster your website loads, the less likely customers will lose interest and go elsewhere. A good web host will offer fast loading times for all of your pages and the media contained in them. So whether your website features just text or photographs, gifs, and videos too. Your visitors will always get the best experience the first time around.

Less reputable web hosts will often overload servers and have too many clients. Not enough resources, resulting in slow and unresponsive websites, which is bad news for your customers.

3. Data is your livelihood

Every website owner’s worst nightmare is the thought of their website losing any amount of data, files or content, and having a reliable web hosting company storing your entire business can help give you peace of mind that your website is being stored backed up correctly.

There really is nothing worse than a cheap web host disappearing with all of your hard work in tow. For this reason alone, paying a bit more for a reputable web host is definitely worth it.

4. They won’t leave you high and dry

No matter how advanced or experienced you are. There will always be problems and issues with a website that you need help to sort out and fix. A good web host will always be there 24/7 when you need some support. And they should have a dedicated team working on solving your problems. Answering your questions to make things run as smoothly as possible.

A good web host will make sure that your website is running in optimum conditions at all times. If something does go wrong, they will always be there to help. Whether they are contactable through Live Chat, email, contact form, phone, or in person, a good web hosting provider will make sure you are never, ever left high and dry!

Which one is the best for me?

We highly recommend that you list all the technical requirements that your site has. Make sure the host you’re leaning towards choosing supports them all.

Make sure that the hosting package you’re considering choosing meets all your general initial needs, things like backups, security, domains, bandwidth, storage, and databases are the first factors you need to check off your list.

Shared hosting is good for start-ups as it is cost effective. Dedicated hosting is good for businesses that have a large number of visitors, wants full control and tight security due to highly confidential and sensitive data. Cloud hosting is great for all types of businesses and requirements, it just costs a little more. WordPress hosting is highly optimized for WordPress websites and is perfect for sites that already use the platform.

Lastly, always look for a hosting provider that has experience, will offer you customer support and understands the complexities of your business.

We hope you find this information helpful and it guides you in your decision making process, but if you are still not sure then contact our support and our team would love to help you select the best solution for you. 

Final Thought:

Choosing a web host provider is not an easy task. Especially when there are so many varieties. You will find these qualities in Avalon Hosting Services Ltd. You will get lots of freebies like a Free SSL certificate, Free website migration, Free daily malware scan, Daily backup and Server level caching.

I hope this article can give you the answer to your question “How to choose a web host provider?”


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