June 26

How to choose a good domain name for a website of business or blog


Are you a new website owner? Are you wondering whether a domain name actually affects SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Do you want to know why domain name is important?
Well, this article is a pure discussion of the Importance of domain name

A domain name is a dedicated identity of your website. Your domain name has to differ from other domain names. Because it will help to differentiate your website from other websites.
Now, it is necessary to know why a domain name is important to rank in SEO. Let's dive into this discussion!

What is SEO?

If you are a complete newbie, it might be helpful for you to give a brief about it. It is essential to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization). People tend to click on whatever links come first. 75% of internet users don't browse beyond the first page of SERP to check out more relevant news or articles. This is why Google wants to show the most relevant website on the top of the SERP. SEO will help your website to rank high on SERPs. That SEO domain names are essential. Of course, a website owner needs to find out an SEO Domain to help his website rank higher.

Brand Domain:

It is the best thing to use your brand name as a domain name of your website. It will help the users to understand the type of website. Users will find precisely the kind of information on your website, which they expect after seeing your domain name at a first look. This helps you to increase traffic on your website. Also, there will be a low bounce rate because people will find relevancy. More traffic and low bounce rate undoubtedly help you to rank higher on SEO.

Relevant Keyword Domain

Using matching and relevant keywords in your domain was one of the best strategies. The reasoning was that having matching keywords in domain names enabled users to set a link between the search term along with the website.
For example, your website domain name is xyzwebhosting.com. There is a keyword named "web hosting." There is a pretty good chance to draw potential customers to your website. If someone searches web hosting in the search engine, then there is an excellent chance to show your website on top because your domain name contains the keyword, which the users searched for.
However, Please note that only a relevant keyword in your domain name won't help your website to rank high. It would be best if you kept relevant content on your website for sure; otherwise, you will get a high bounce rate.

Domain Extension

.com always comes first in people's minds when there is a discussion about domain extension or TLD (Top Level Domain).
.com domain is the most popular domain extension. This domain extension will also help in SEO.

This is why it would be good if you choose .com TLD as your domain extension. But don't worry if you don't find your .com domain extension. Just don't change your domain name yet. Use relevant domain extension that represents your website. For example, your website is about graphic design, so; it would be wise if you choose .design domain extension. Or .store for online business, .tech for technology website etc.

Final Thought

Every website owner wants the right amount of traffic on his/her website. This is why SEO is important. Choosing an SEO friendly domain name will surely help you to increase visitors. After reading this article, I hope you understand why a domain name is important to Rank on Google SERP.


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