September 16

Best facebook advertising ad strategy 2021


If you are looking for a Facebook advertising strategy, this is the most insightful strategy you may ever have for your business.


Because most marketers give you the surface level of Facebook ad strategy, sometimes it works for some folks only if you have a deep level of ad understanding. But if you don't have practical experience over how Facebook works. Every penny you spend goes to the wrong investments, which can lead you into bankruptcy without notice.

To prevent that, let's use our tested Facebook Ad Blueprint technology and grow without limitations.

Successful Facebook 

Advertising Blueprint

Research Your Market:

Before you run any campaign, you must know who your audience is? Where they live, their current income level, what they want, their needs, etc. 

And the more you know who your audience is and about their desire, the better you can communicate with them to meet both of your desired goals. It's a pillar part of Facebook advertising.

And if you have ever run a marketing campaign, you already know the power of content. Because it gives you the perfect picture of how advertising can be good instead of worst. 

So the first job is to research your market and audience and build your castle first.

Articulate Content: 

As you know, your exact audience, the most powerful way to communicate with them using better content. 

Because whether it's Facebook or Google, it doesn't matter to your audience at all. The only thing that matters most to any of your audience is what they are getting. And the job here is to give them what they want and need. 

Then you don't have to push or pull with your marketing. It will convert itself.

Now you may ask how I could create better content? 

The answer is simple, first, find what unique you offer that none of your competitors think about it. 

Create a versatile offer. Share free discovery anything that resonates with your audience or makes them feel better. 

And never limit yourself to just one video or post.

 Create more content and see what your audience likes most.

Furnish Your Page:

Now when you are completely clear about what you have to say, then the first most crucial job is to optimize your page. 

Because it's your basement, your campaign may not stay for long. But the page is.

It shows you how professional your company or brand is and if you really can help them with what they want. 

So focus on properly putting every information in the right place—design cover page, profile pic and alow your page to grow.

Publish and Boost Post: 

Now it's time to run your ad and discover the success you are looking for inside. 


Because the process of creating a successful Facebook ad, starts from research and powerful content. 

Which we already are built at the beginning.

Now it's time to test your ad and win.

Find Winner: 

The first thing you need to do is create 3 compelling ads. 

Not the 3 different ads but the same ad with versatile visuals.

Then run your ad, selecting the different times and Geography. 

See which ad converts more.

Check which time is the best for your suitable customers. 

Now find the winner and keep running your ad.

Remember, you cant always have the high-converting ad running one. Just one ad without a split test, your campaign can suffer the most.

Last Thought: 

Finally, this is how you can run your Facebook ad strategy to get the success you want.

It may seem a little hard for now.  

But I can bet if you note it down and start executing it exactly the way you learned here. You'll get the result.

Maybe not now, but for sure in the future campaign. 

And remember, nothing brings you the result unless you implement and take action.

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