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October 11

5 Email Marketing Campaign Best Practices To Boost Your Business


Every single day we all get far too many emails in our inboxes about absolutely everything. Whether it’s offering information on a new product, a big sale, or something else to boost your email marketing campaign, it needs to catch the reader’s attention and hold it.

To compete against the tens of emails your reader will receive daily, you will need a few tricks up your sleeve, and here are some tips to make your email marketing campaign stand out:

1. Keep it snappy

Your subject line is the first impression that a reader will get of what your email is all about, and while it needs to give your readers a bit of information, being too literal could kill your impact. No one will read on if all is revealed in the first sentence, so retaining a bit of mystery and fun is the key to reeling your readers in.

The content of the email itself doesn’t have to be paragraph upon paragraph of information either, or your reader will get bored and move on. Short, snappy, and punchy is definitely the way to go. 2 Emojis make an impact; Just because you are trying to convey a clear message to your customers doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun while you’re at it, and adding emojis is a great way to appeal to your reader’s sense of fun and youth.

Unless your marketing campaign is a stuffy business proposal aimed at the over 50s, there is no reason why a few colorful emojis can’t be the star of your next email run.   Don’t forget to add emojis to your subject line for an extra punch!

2. Videos are the latest trend

People are constantly bombarded with reams and reams of text, so videos and images are a welcome relief for many that can be digested quickly and easily. Research has found that people would much rather see a product or idea in action in a video. Then read a complicated description that may be difficult to understand.

Keep videos short, simple, and with a clear message for full impact and to achieve the best results.

3. Appearance matters

It really isn’t enough for you to just pack a load of great content into your email marketing campaign and send it off, hoping for great results. How your email looks when it is opened will greatly impact whether readers continue reading on. Click on any call to action buttons, or even open your next email at all.

The key to this is using a responsive design that optimizes your email for all platforms, so it looks great no matter whether your email is opened on a mobile, a tablet, or a desktop computer.

Email length is also a big issue, so be sure to break long blocks of text into manageable chunks with headers so that readers can scan your email for pertinent information.

4. Keep it personal

As a sender, you want people to trust you, to interact with you and to ultimately. View you and your business as real people with real opinions and information. Forget boring, faceless, corporate emails, and start injecting a bit of personality into your campaigns to achieve some serious results.

Personal signature to the end of your email helps to convey the fact that you’re a real person who cares. And including a sender photo and a short bio is a good way to communicate personality as well. Not to mention adding social media links to boost your click-rate.

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