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Best Digital Marketing Tools 2021 to Grow Business: 19 analytics, automation, reporting apps


Digital marketing tools make the business owner & marketer's life easier than before. Using digital marketing tools, now you can do almost everything.

In terms of digital marketing requirements and campaigns management, there is a huge list of SaaS Applications tools like MOZ, Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc. Some of these marketing tools will be more applicable to you than others.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a very broad category of marketing, and there are lots of little details that fall under digital marketing that you may never think of, like having the best hosting services possible (to avoid spam or online scams) and even SMS or MMS messages which don’t even involve the internet!

There are hundreds of questions that even the most advanced digital marketers don’t know the answer too. But to get you started here are a few of the most common conundrums to help you out.

In today’s hyper-connected world, it is now easier than ever to connects and communicates with your potential customers online.

A sort of umbrella term for all of your online marketing protocols, digital marketing includes everything from SEO and Pay Per Click adverts on Google to advertising on Facebook or Twitter and email marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing analytic tools

In this lesson, we will show you some of the industry-leading Digital Marketing Tools to create a significant impact on your marketing journey. Now sit back, relax... and discover the data-driven tools to accelerate your marketing ROI Here are our favorite 10 tools for digital marketing:

Google analytics

You count' think digital marketing without google analytic tools it's on of the best digital marketing tools you should keep in your pocket. Let me tell you some cool features about it.


The AdWords Performance Grader





1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Allowing you to schedule content, publish content and keep an eye on a number of your social media accounts, Hootsuite is most digital marketers' go-to tool  when it comes to organizing their social media campaigns.

Whether you’re on your laptop at home or using your smartphone on the commute to the office, Hootsuite makes it easy to share and edit content across your social networks seamlessly.  

Manning your social media accounts is hard work. Hoot Suite allows you to keep on top of this task as digital marketing. This software allows you to manage multiple accounts from across different platforms.

This software offers a useful monitoring service that shows your mentions, replies, and direct messages on one dashboard. Conveniently, you can also schedule updates. Hoot Suite's reports are forms in a way that you can present to clients without much additional work.

2. Buffer

Like Hootsuite, Buffer is another staple app for Digital marketing in all fields, depending on your needs. What features do you use most often? You may find it handy to use both Hootsuite and Buffer to achieve the best results.

3. Daily

For use in conjunction with Buffer, Daily comes from the same developers and acts as a Tinder for shareable content. Simply swipe to instantly schedule and share great content with your followers, or swipe to skip content that doesn’t suit.

4. Asana

The perfect tool to collate all of your work and manage your projects with team members, Asana combines to-do lists, team conversations, private chats about projects and tasks, and acts as a place to send and receive files and photos.

5. Mention

Digital marketing is all about keeping an eye on what people are saying about your business and brand, and Mention is one of the best social listening tools around. Following everything from social media posts and blog posts to searches and all mentions of your selected keywords, there are many uses for this app.


IFTTT, or If This Then That, is an app that allows you to set in motion a series of reactions to certain events. For example, you can set up an IFTTT ‘recipe’ that automatically retweets any tweets that contain certain words or a recipe that sends you an email each morning with the latest trending keywords. With thousands of combinations and hundreds of social services connected, this tool can do everything.

IFTTT Digital Marketing 

7. Canva

Hands down the easiest way for digital marketers. Create and share custom images for everything from social media to blog posts. Canva is a beautifully easy tool that allows you to add text to images, overlay filters, and even use stock or paid images included on the app to quickly create stunning and shareable images.

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8. MailChimp

If you already use MailChimp for your email marketing campaigns or are thinking about using it for your future campaigns, using the MailChimp app is a no-brainer. An easy way to construct, create, edit and keep track of your email campaigns on the go. This app is invaluable.

It can be a laborious process however Mail Chip allows users to simply copy and paste lists of emails. There are plenty of design template options making it easy to customize. You can include your own company colors, logo, and images. An email on MailChimp can also be triggered on a specific date, event, or activity – exciting! Once an email has been sent, this software offers tracked details. And stats straight away, which you can even access on-the-go through an iPhone app.

9. Trello

Perfect if you need to collaborate with others on projects. Trello organizes all of your tasks and activities into individual boards. So you can focus on what really matters. No software required. You can keep up to date on the go. You can see who is at what stage of a project at a glance.

10. Slack

Slack is used by everyone from Airbnb to Facebook to Ticketmaster, even if it's Harvard University. It allows you to communicate with your whole team easily. Most of the organization is comfortable with it, and you can categorize events, conversations, and projects simultaneously. The unique beauty of it: You can access it anytime, on any device, from anywhere you want.

Best Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses 2021

There were over 5.5 million businesses in the U.K in 2016 and around 28 million in the US alone, and over 99% of these were small or medium-sized. It is essential for businesses to have Digital Marketing an online presence. Strong competition means all small business owners need to be on top of their game when it comes to Digital Marketing Strategy. Without a marketing team or a wealth of time, an arsenal of effective and time-saving tools are essential for getting your business noticed online. This short yet essential list of 10 of the Best Digital Marketing Tools is the perfect aid for any small business owner.

Google Webmaster (Search Console)

This software Consider provides you with valuable information about how well your website is performing, how google crawls your site and errors, or opportunities within your SEO. You can link your webmaster account with your analytics and AdWords account to see how well your paid and organic search terms rank and what search terms you are ranking for.

10 of the Best Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses 

Google Analytics

Analytics is essential for any online business, whether you are big or small. Many of the tools on this list provide detailed insights into your online presence whether on your website or through your social feeds. It is crucial to understand your audience, and what is, or isn't, driving traffic to your website. Google Analytics is a free and comprehensive tool making it perfect for any small business owner. Google has even produced an online course for Analytics users who want to get more out of their software. The software provides you with information from general statistics about your website to full comprehensive reports on user behavior.

Analytics reports on which draws people to your site and what is keeping your visitors interested. You can also discover where visitors are leaving your site with the exit pages report. This allows you to re-tool pages that lead people to leave your site. Similarly, Google Analytics offers a Bounce Rate breakdown, showing you the proportion of visitors who are navigating away from your site before clicking through to a second or third page.

It is important to know how many pages people are visiting when they come to your site. If they aren't looking at more than two pages that lead to conversions then a re-design may be on the cards. Furthermore, this report offers information about the operating systems your visitors are using, as well as whether or not they're using desktop or mobile devices. The information provided can help you correct issues with incompatible web features; analyzing these features can help you change your website and optimize it for conversions.

Google Trends

Similar to Analytics, Google Trends is also free and easy to use. Google Trends is a tool for navigating around trending stories and can be used to better understand your audience. 

Google is suggestive of public opinion and searching for your keywords will show search trends over time. You can see if products have been popular or if they are in decline, and the news headlines feature allows you to monitor popularity in correlation with news stories at that time. It is also useful for generating content ideas people are interested in, as it helps you understand hot topics people are searching for and talking about.

Google Keyword Planner

This software considers digital marketing tools and provides all the information a small business needs in order to make knowledgeable decisions when it comes to keywords. For example, by entering a competitor's website you can get their complete keyword strategy. Not all the features of Keyword Planner are suitable unless you're creating paid ads, but you can still get lots of value from it for your SEO strategy, such as finding low-competition, high-volume keywords to use in your campaigns.

Facebook and Facebook Audience Insights

Social media is a vital medium for any small business owner, as it can help strengthen your relationship with customers. Facebook is especially effective for keeping these connections blooming as it facilitates emotional connections on a large scale. Posting photos of your products and services give people a behind-the-scenes sneak peek into your processes, adding a human element to your business that your customers can connect with.

You can use Facebook to interact with customers from your smartphone. This can be vital as responding to a customers post in a timely manner can strengthen rapport.

If you're a small business owner, you probably already know that there isn't always time to constantly man social media pages. Growing and maintaining effective social media accounts is a full-time job. It has introduced a feature that allows you to schedule posts even years into the future, increasing coverage on your page whilst saving precious time, also allows you to advertise 'offers'.

Facebook Audience Insights gives businesses an insight into their audiences' habits, where they are from, and the lifestyle they live. Having more information about your audience can help target your marketing efforts towards your niche, rather than spending on an audience that doesn't care about your product.


This is another fantastic social network. When used correctly, can be very useful for a small business' digital marketing strategy. LinkedIn allows you to acquire new customers through online recommendations. Word of mouth still stands as the most powerful form of marketing, and asking satisfied customers to write a recommendation is your opportunity to do this online. Sharing your blog content on LinkedIn can also help convince potential customers of your expertise.

LinkedIn differs from other social networks however as it allows you to build your industry network. You can search for associations and networks to partake in, as well as social events in your industry to help your real-life networking.

Twitter and Followerwonk

As a small business owner, you may find it hard to use Twitter effectively as a digital marketing tool. The competition is fierce and even the most successful companies struggle to get their content seen on their followers' feeds. The reason most people aren't engaging with your tweets is simply that they don't see it. Since Twitter changed its algorithm, the site will show your tweets if your followers are constantly interacting with your content. The way to do this is to communicate with people individually. Another thing small businesses often do wrong is only tweeting about content once. Whilst posting hourly about your latest blog post is a little OTT, sharing a tweet a few times throughout the week or month increases your chances of being seen.

FollowerWonk is software which can aid your Twitter presence. As well as helping grow follower count, it can find relevant users to follow, as well as analyse the demographics of both yours and your competitors followers.


This software has 12 trillion indexed links and crawls over 6 billion web pages every single day. Ahrefs is an important SEO apparatus that provides you with an array of backlink tools. It is important for small businesses to build high authority backlinks as this is a key ranking factor. Ahrefs can analyze your own site to make sure your links are legitimate and aid you to disavow or remove link spam. You can read more about link spam here. It can also analyze your competitor's websites to see where their backlinks are coming from, which is a good starting point when creating your own link-building campaign.

Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo recognizes that content is king. That provides customer insights, influence information, and competitor analysis based on your content. It is important to know what people are talking about and this software gathers information. On what topics are gaining the most attention, as well as who is getting the most attention. Knowing what your competitors are up to and see. What does and doesn't work for them can save you time and money in trialing your own efforts.

Are digital marketing Tools expensive?

There are loads of free and premium tools to implement digital marketing for your business, and you really can achieve some great results without even spending a penny, but once you have exhausted the cost-free ways of marketing online, it may be worth stepping up your digital marketing plan by paying to get even better results.

As long as you have your website hosted through a reputable web hosting company then you can employ some inbound marketing techniques like SEO with only a little bit of research and no cost at all. However, if you are looking to employ outbound techniques such as online pay-per-click advertising or buying email lists. Then you will have to invest on tools for the great results.


Digital marketers can save time and money using just their phones to organize all of their digital marketing needs. This list barely skims the surface of available software which can help with your digital marketing needs. Each of the software packages in our list has one thing in common. They save you time and money, whilst providing insights into how your efforts are affecting your business. Using even just a few of these tools will drastically improve your digital marketing performance.


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