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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Server Web Hosting


For the last few years, dedicated web hosting has been skyrocketing the demands of countless businesses. It's not because every business needs dedicated server hosting today. It is because having a lot more security and space helps you to never worry about the hosting challenges again.

Because as you can see, there are versatile web hosting online. But why dedicated server hosting?

Alright. In this article, you will discover the ultimate advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server hosting and how it serves business-wide.

Dedicated server web hosting:

Dedicated server web hosting is considered the most healthy website hosting for businesses today. 

Website owners need quality hosting to manage the website securely. 

And as your website is large enough and carries massive traffic. 

You must care about the traffic to save your back. 

Because it offers direct access to the server and complete control over the website.

Install or uninstall any application plugins you want.

Enjoy the standard performance, security, content, and technical support at the same time.

Dedicated server hosting advantages and disadvantages

Before we get started, I want you to know that: none of the web hosting carriers all the advantages and disadvantages for websites or businesses. 

And dedicated web hosting is never different. 

So when you are already aware of that, let's carefully begin.

Benefits of dedicated hosting

When you calculate the insider power of dedicated hosting, you'll discover even more crucial elements to save your business website. 

So before going any further, let's dive into this here, so you get the most out of it.

1. Security Assurance:

On the internet, there is always a fright of being hacked or attacked by viruses. Thankfully this can never be the case with a dedicated server, as you will be the one using the server alone. You will never face any security breach by viruses and malware from other websites on the same server, As there will be none. 

Moreover, you can make any changes and optimize additional security to meet any individual security needs.

Avalon hosting offers features in their dedicated hosting package- 

  • Complete DDOS Attack Protection up to 2GBPS
  • BruteForce Attack Protection
  • Mandatory High Password Strength
  • Server Firewall
  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • Secured Email

So, if you go with Avalon dedicated hosting, you will experience much secured hosting for the website. 

2. Data Privacy:

Hosting is always responsible for website files, data, or documents all along. It's also responsible for website security and data security above and beyond. 

Because without strong security, your website and property are always at risk. Where dedicated hosting comes to the place. 

It firmly secures and keeps your data alive as well as helps the users to get information every time they need it.

3. Resources Maximization:

Dedicated hosting comes up with all the hosting resources in one place. It offers maximum space, highest speed, security, controllability, and every possible resource one website owner may seek and be willing to pay for. 

This fact can not be ignored that dedicated hosting is charging you the most. 

Moreover, as your website is big and has massive traffic, it requires keeping those in a safe place.

Where Avalon hosting offers to maximize your resources inside the dedicated server-

  • They offer 4 cores CPU
  • 8GB - 16GB RAM
  • Ensure 250GB - 1TB hard disk space 
  • They assign 1 - 2 Dedicated IP addresses and 
  • 10TB - 510TB Bandwidth Limit

So, if you are searching for a reliable hosting provider on whom you can rely on your website, you can easily go for Avalon's flawless hosting with maximized resources. 

4. Server Controlling:

As you paid for the whole server, you will definitely have total control over it. You can customize the server according to your website needs. Install and uninstall any configurations and addons you want to meet your website and individual requirements. 

Enjoy the freedom of using every resource. 

For your website on the dedicated server, you are the sole operator. So you have the freedom to use any software, programs, and applications for your website. 

In a single word, you own total control.

You also have the freedom to select which operating system you want to use, Linux or windows. And get privileges on installing configurations as much as you need.

5. Managed Servers:

When you are on a dedicated server web hosting package, you don't need to work on any management issues. Experts from your hosting company do the management on your behalf. The expert team plays the role of optimizer and configures hardware, CPU core, software, security, Backups, and network, including configuring patches and updates. They can even give you CPU choices, offer NVMe storage, and Turbo options to get the highest levels of speed and performance.

Avalon hosting offers Managed services in their dedicated hosting package-

  • They offer continuous backup on an hourly basis.
  • They also offer unbelievable security updates
  • Ensures hardware, software, CPU core optimization

If you are willing and require dedicated hosting you better go with Avalon hosting to enjoy such generous features for your website.  

6. Managed Servers:

As you are on a dedicated hosting package, you have the opportunity to manage your server with experts.

Experts from the hosting company properly manage your site. 

Because you can examine, the expert team plays a big role in optimizing and configuring hardware, CPU core, software, security, backup, and network, including configuring patches and updates.

They can even give you CPU choices, offer NVMe storage and Turbo options to get the highest levels of speed and performance.

Avalon hosting offers Managed services in their dedicated hosting package-

  • It takes backup on an hourly basis.
  • Offer strongest security updates
  • Ensures hardware, software, CPU core optimization and many more.

If you are willing to experience it all, Avalon hosting will give you the custom dedicated server journey better than anyone on the planet.

 7. Reliability:

When you are not sharing the server with anyone else and paying a big amount to get the services, it's your hosting priority. 

That ensures the reliable performance of the hosting provider as well as the server. =

You have facilitated the support and prompt response. 

Your host is out of hosting issues regarding poor services, poor server responses, poor uptime or downtime, and customer support.

In this case, Avalon hosting offers reliable assistance on your dedicated server:

  • We ensure Zero Downtime
  • Prompt 24/7 days Support
  • Extra RAM, Hard Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Provides 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Continuous Automated Backup

So as you want all the good features along with dedicated hosting for your website, then Avalon dedicated hosting is highly recommended for smart investors all along.

8. Potential Performance:

Without quality performance, your server may not work the way you want. Your pages will take longer to load. Uptime would stay poor. And finally, the traffic will go away.

But if you own the dedicated hosting, it will naturally deal with those challenges and bring life into your business.

And the beauty of Avalon Dedicated Hosting is to:

Give you 99.99% uptime and confirm zero downtime all the time. 

Disadvantages Of Dedicated Web Hosting 

Dedicated hosting, most of the time, is designed with multiple advantages. Obviously, sometimes it also carries some disadvantages. And I want you to understand who they are and move forward with only what is best for your business.

1. Cost:

This is not surprising at all that dedicated hosting charges more. As its resources are restricted, full control upon you, then it obviously costs more.

This is definitely not suitable for small businesses or short personal sites, or low volume traffic websites. 

Because you can see, the least expensive dedicated hosting can cost you several times higher than shared hosting. 

So when you are about to host a website with numerous pages and countless traffic, dedicated hosting undoubtedly charges you more as you're using more features.

2. Tech Knowledge: 

In terms of dedicated hosting you are in operation to manage and maintain your website while in other hosting, company experts do it all for you. So, to make your website effective you need to have the technical knowledge and know-how of server maintenance. Otherwise, you can get a fully managed dedicated hosting that will cost you even more.

3. Less user-friendly:

Dedicated hosting is not user-friendly all the way people think. Because it's designed to manage your own way.

It's not for small business websites or personal sites. 

However, it is built for larger websites' performance, speed, and management.


Now I believe you may have a clear idea about the ultimate advantages and disadvantages of dedicated web hosting. 

Remember, if your website has numerous pages, sensitive data, and a load of traffic, dedicated hosting is your best assistance.. 

And Avalon is offering you the most secure, reliable, and controlled space with powerful speed, uptime, and customization.


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