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How to choose domain name: the criteria best practices & tips to know


Do you think that a domain name affects your business? Do you want to create a brand identity online through domain? Are you struggling to create a perfect domain name? Well, this article contains some essential tips for choosing the best domain name for your website!
However, first, you need to know why the right domain name is crucial for your business.
So, let's talk about the importance of a domain name.

Your brand name is defined by your domain name. To create brand recognition online, you definitely need the right domain name.
The keywords you are using in your domain name, it will help you to rank in SEO.
A perfect domain name is able to create a good impression on your visitor! So, if you want to increase more visitors on your website, make sure you have a right domain name!

To get the best domain name for your website, you need to follow these steps:

  • Choose a Brandable Name
  • Keep it simple and easy to type
  • Use Common Keywords to reflect your business website
  • Use the right domain name extension.
  • Trademark your domain name

Choose a Brandable Name:

At first, you have to make sure you choose the best brandable name for your website. Because the brandable domain name is very significant for a successful website. There are a few factors that make a domain name brandable.

The first Factor is choosing the Unique Domain Name. Unique Domain Name is one of the best ways to make your domain name brandable! Your domain name stands out any other domain name on the web!

The Second Factor is your domain name should be sound easy and straightforward to make your domain name brandable. For example,,,, etc. these websites are easy to pronounce. Your domain name doesn't have to be meaningful; neither these websites have! Just make sure your domain name is unique, easy to pronounce, and easy to spell! Choosing a brandable name will make your domain name is the best domain name. It's applicable to the personal domain as well.

Keep it Simple and Easy to Type

Keep your domain name simple and easy for typing. While creating your domain name, you need to remember how easy it is to type your domain name for your website visitors! Try not to use any problematic spelling in your domain name. Your domain name should be easy to spell as well as easy to speak! Using a complicated domain name might cause difficulty in finding your website for your customers! People might misspell your domain name while typing! For this reason, you might lose your potential website visitor.
Look at these top Google, Amazon, Instagram, Yahoo, etc. There is a little chance of the misspelling of their domain name!

Use Common Keywords to Reflect Your Business Website

Keywords are very significant for domain names. Using keywords in your domain name will help you to rank in google's Search Engine Result Page. It means that the search engine knows about your website.

Finding perfect keywords for ranking on google page is not very easy. You definitely have to be creative in combining the relatable common keywords. Your domain keywords should make sense to your customer, and definitely, it needs to be related to your business or product. For example, Avalon Hosting Services shows that the company is providing hosting services.

Use the Right Domain Name Extension

You will find .com is the most popular domain extension. According to the domainnamestat research, 43% domain has the .com TLD! .com is the most used TLD and best choice for domain names! Maximum people are using this extension because it's familiar and easy to remember! So if possible, use .com extension in your domain name. If your domain name with .com extension is not available, then go for other extensions like .net or .org. Still unavailable? I would recommend to find out another unique domain name.

Trademark Your Domain Name

Is your domain name is similar to your business name? Then you have to trademark your domain name. That will protect both your business and domain name from the legal issues.

Final Thought

A domain name is an online identity of your website. This is the reason you need to choose the best domain name and unique domain name, as this is the brand identity of your website. Be creative while you are choosing your domain name. A perfect domain name can do a successful business. Make sure you are using this knowledge while choosing your ideal website. In the end, it is recommended to register multiple domain names for a website.


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