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Why is My Website Not Secure

Have you noticed a “not secure” warning showing up in your website address bar? Are you wondering why it’s displaying there? Well, Google has quite aggressively started to communicate the HTTPS status to users by identifying those that don’t have an SSL certificate, with a ...

Comodo CA Rebrands as Sectigo

Comodo CA Is Now Sectigo The world’s largest certificate authority Comodo CA is now Sectigo and will move forward with the new and existing products/solutions to protect your customers, employees, websites, intellectual property, and overall interests from online threats. All products ...

Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server

What Benefit of Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server So, we’re assuming, because you’ve ended up here, that you’ve entered the weird world of debate revolving around which one you should get: Cloud server hosting or dedicated server hosting. Now, it can all be a little confusing – we won’t even ...

How to Avoid an Identity Crisis

Perception is everything—especially when it comes to building trust online. The good news is you have a lot more control over your image than you think. SSL Certificates are one of the easiest and surest ways to prevent your visitors from jumping to the wrong conclusions by showing visible proof ...

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